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It's been about three years since we've gotten an album from Anchor & Braille, the indie side project of Anberlin's Stephen Christian, but this week, on July 31st, the band's sophomore album will be released. The Quiet Life is a collection of haunting melodies and catchy percussion, certainly a maturation of sound since 2009's Felt. The Quiet Life is available now in stores and online through Tooth & Nail Records.


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The up and coming hardcore four-piece Creations recently took some time to answer questions about their forthcoming debut album, The Gospel, and the background of the band, for CRR.

Christian Rock Rocks (Gary Mark Peterson): Please state your name and your role in Creations.
Blair (Creations): My name is Blair and I play drums for Creations.

CRR: How long have you been a band?
Blair: We've been a band for about two and a half years.

CRR: What are some of the band's influences (whether they be musical, philosophical, or otherwise) and yours personally?
Blair: Some of our main musical influences are No Innocent Victim, Advent, Hatebreed, Impending Doom, The Acacia Strain, Meshuggah, but personally, I love tons of different bands/artists like The Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Iron and Wine, Shai Linne, Thrice, Mewithoutyou, Copeland, Blindside, The Postal Service, Acceptance, and many others.

CRR: Have you always been a Christ-centered band? How have you been received in regards to the message you carry?
Blair: Since we started the band, we always had in mind to be a "ministry band." There were not a lot of Christian bands in Sydney, Australia at the time and we wanted to preach the Gospel to those in our local scene. We've had tons of different responses, some good and some bad. As our ministry progressed, it became more of a reality to us that being a Christian and preaching the message of Christ is costly and not easy; but when we see someone become transformed by the Gospel, it is more than worth it.

CRR: Are there any differences in being a Christian band is regards to Australia versus America?
Blair: Definitely. There are not many Christian bands within Australia as opposed to America. Unlike America, there is a greater majority of people who do not subscribe to Christianity; so some of the audiences are different in their receiving of Christian bands. 

CRR: I believe you had a short US tour stint only a few years ago. How was that?
Blair: Yeah, we went on tour with In The Midst of Lions, The Crimson Armada, and Sleep Serapis Sleep in winter about a year and a half ago. We also did Cornerstone last year and did a couple summer tours with bands like The Gun Show, Strengthen What Remains, and others. Both tours blew us away and we are stoked to be back on the road again.

CRR: You guys recently announced that you were making the permanent move to the States. I have to say that I wasn't shocked seeing as how well you seem to get along with bands here and such. What prompted this decision and how hard was it to make, if it was hard at all?
Blair: Since we started the band, we really wanted to pursue full-time touring. We've had some awesome experiences in Australia, but we just wanted to be able to consistently tour and the US seemed to provide way more opportunity to do so.

CRR: In my opinion, American fans seem to really love you. Why do you think that is? Is it mostly for musical reasons or is there more to it? Because it seems like people really click with you guys on a level deeper than just musically.
Blair: Ha, I wish I knew the exact reason. My hope is that it is more than just the music but the message of Jesus Christ. Another thing that we stress as a band, is that we are all in fact sinners and that there is no person who is "greater" than the other. Jesus has come to set us free from our sin and in response we are to repent and believe in Him.

CRR: What do you guys like to do for fun outside of the music realm? Any funny stories you'd like to share? Aussies are pranksters, no?
Blair: At the moment, we've been pretty pumped on ballin' with the locals of El Centro, California. I didn't think Australians (I'm not Australian. I'm from the country of Texas.) knew how to play basketball, but I was wrong. Can't think of any stories at the moment; but we definitely have some good times.

CRR: Last time you toured the States, you were supporting the fantastic EP Ruined. Now you boys are back (permanently) for what seems to be a very near future release of the new album, The Gospel. How is the album coming along? What stage is it in (packaging, etc, etc)?
Blair: We recently signed with Mediaskare's sub-label Rite of Passage and we are looking at possibly having a release date in the early summer. We've had the CD recorded for a while now and are excited to finally release it! Pre-orders should be online real soon, so make sure you keep an eye out!

CRR: What details can you give us about the new album? I, for one, am highly anticipating this release.
Blair: The album is entitled The Gospel and it contains 11 tracks. It is a lot more musically heavier and more technical than the last release. You should hear a song or two online very soon, but until then we are looking at an early summer release date.

CRR: What are some things fans can do to bless you at a show? For instance, what can we bring to bless you for doing GOD's will by spreading the Gospel?
Blair: It's awesome to see fans just having a good time at shows and fellowshipping. If every person brought an open mind to the Gospel message and allow it to change your life through the work of the Holy Spirit; that would be an awesome thing for us to be a part of.

CRR: What are ways that fans can reach out to the band if they wanted to give you a place to stay, etc.?
Blair: Whatever anyone is willing to give, we will accept. It's always awesome to have a place to stay on tour, as opposed to sleeping in the van, or even a meal. We would love to just hang out with anyone who would love to get to know us as people. But hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, we are usually always contactable on there.

CRR: Thanks so much for the time and interview. We look forward to the release of The Gospel and to seeing you out on the road (especially for those of us that have not had the privilege of doing so). In closing, anything you'd like to add?
Blair: My hope for all our fans is that everyone who hears the record will come to know Jesus and learn to treasure him above all things in this life. The treasures of this world will never sustain you, but Jesus has come so that you may be set free from the power of sin and bring Glory to His name.

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