Artist Of The Week - Anchor & Braille

It's been about three years since we've gotten an album from Anchor & Braille, the indie side project of Anberlin's Stephen Christian, but this week, on July 31st, the band's sophomore album will be released. The Quiet Life is a collection of haunting melodies and catchy percussion, certainly a maturation of sound since 2009's Felt. The Quiet Life is available now in stores and online through Tooth & Nail Records.


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We are proud to announce that we have signed Leaders to Facedown Records. Before going through a line-up and name change in 2011, Leaders shared the stage with Flyleaf, Blindside, and Brian “Head” Welch as ALLORNOTHING. Now, Leaders are storming onto the hardcore and metal scenes with their powerful debut album Now We Are Free. Comprised of 10 tracks engineered by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios (As Blood Runs Black, All Shall Perish, In the Midst of Lions), Now We Are Free blends metal and hardcore influences seamlessly and is a must have album for fans of Hatebreed and Living Sacrifice.Leaders will be taking their live show on the road and will be on tour for all of 2012. The band describes their live shows as “powerful, intimate, and real. With enough character and groove to the rhythm that it makes you want to move.” Now, they look forward to touring with a solid line-up and new music. “We love to give it our all when we play shows so that everyone can see the passion we have.”
Leaders will release Now We Are Free, their debut full length with Facedown Records on March 27, 2012 and will be supporting it at Facedown Fest 2012
Listen to the song “Conviction” now on the bands Facebook, and let them know what you think of it. Also, make sure to check out the lyric video for “Conviction” on YouTube as well.
You can now Pre-Order Now We Are Free in our online store for only $7.99 (comes with a free poster) or choose from multiple shirt or sweatshirt bundles.

Hollister, California-based metal/hardcore crossover Leaders have joined the Facedown family. Before going through a line-up and name change in 2011, Leaders shared the stage with Flyleaf, Blindside, and Brian "Head" Welch as ALLORNOTHING. Now, Leaders are storming onto the hardcore and metal scenes with their powerful debut album Now We Are Free. Comprised of 10 tracks engineered by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios (As Blood Runs Black, All Shall Perish, In the Midst of Lions), Now We Are Free blends metal and hardcore influences seamlessly and is a must have album for fans of Hatebreed and Living Sacrifice.
Leaders will be taking their live show on the road and will be on tour for all of 2012. The band describes their live shows as "powerful, intimate, and real. With enough character and groove to the rhythm that it makes you want to move." Now, they look forward to touring with a solid line-up and new music. "We love to give it our all when we play shows so that everyone can see the passion we have."

Leaders will release Now We Are Free, their debut full length with Facedown Records on March 27, 2012, but you can hear the first single "Conviction" here:

Leaders will make their Facedown Fest debut this spring.

Pre-order Now We Are Free here:
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Young Love

Kye Kye - Young Love

Kye Kye are a band of harmonious melody, to sum it up in a few words. The Northwestern four piece plays a mix of experimental and indie music, creating an amalgam of electronic soundscapes, soothing vocals, and catchy drum loops. On their latest album, Young Love, the band have crafted a truly unique expression of faith and love, all wrapped up in the album's 11 songs. The strong opener, "Reach," sets an ambient pace, which is then followed by looped beats and electronics, along with vocalist Olga's delicate voice, which  especially shines on the delightful, acoustic-driven "Rooftops." Young Love is a highly recommended album if you are into bands such as Future of Forestry and perhaps The Ember Days, and you can also catch Kye Kye live this spring, on tour with John Mark McMillan.

The Man With Wooden Legs

From Indian Lakes - The Man With Wooden Legs

From Indian Lakes have undoubtedly been one of my favorite bands over the past year, after discovering their late 2009 release The Man With Wooden Legs. The Californian quintet plays a fresh, edgy, and sometimes calming brand of indie rock, that is to be marveled at. Vocalist Joey Vannucci's lyrics are very introspective, and show wisdom and honesty beyond his age, and his range consists of anywhere from soft falsettos to near screams. "I Have No Answers" and "We Are Invincible" show off the more vibrant side of From Indian Lakes, full of fluid guitar riffs, and remarkable percussion, while tunes such as "Away!" and "I Am Aware" reveal the band's softer side, with equally as much passion (the band also released an acoustic EP last fall, which can be streamed here). The Man With Wooden is truly a hidden gem, and an album that will be sure to stick with its listener over the years. If that isn't enough, the band have a new, full length album coming out this year, which is certainly much anticipated.

Dark Words On Dark Wings

Quiet Science - Dark Words on Dark Wings

Quiet Science hail out of Florida, and are an alternative/glam rock trio. Dusting over intense drums and echoing guitars are heavy doses of synths, adding something unique to the songs. Throughout the 10 song venture of Dark Words on Dark Wings, the band explore themes of finding hope in dark times, and fighting the good fight. The album's lead single, "Runner," is oh so catchy, and the chorus will be sure to hook any listener, unknowingly, while "A Dying Breed" has an aggressive drive to it, and harmonies between lead vocalist Mark Nathan and Daisy Elisabeth. "A Feast For Crows" is another one of the album's strongest points,  littered with danceable electronics, and swooning vocals. If you're looking for some catchy, passionate alternative rock, and perhaps enjoy synth-heavy songs from the 80s, then Quiet Science might just be the band you are looking for. Also, be sure to check out their debut album as well, 2010's [With/Without].

Stranger Places, Greater Things

Theatre Breaks Loose - Stranger Places, Greater Things

Playing an energetic blend of alternative pop rock is Theatre Breaks Loose, from Oklahoma City. The band just released their new EP, Stranger Places, Greater Things, this past November, and it shows some good potential from a young band. The band have not one, but two vocalists, which are backed by crisp guitars, and lyrics full of love, hopes, and dreams. The EP's closer, "Stranger Places, Greater Things," shows a realization that we are part of something bigger in life, and not alone in struggles, while "Costa Rica" is a pretty serious, upbeat love song, and for good measure, there's even a piano ballad, "Buried Alive." Overall, I can see Theatre Breaks Loose being a band to be listened to driving around with windows rolled down on a summer day, the perfect setting for some fun alternative rock, with a slight pop punk influence, which is exactly what the six song EP Stranger Places, Greater Things brings with it.
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Artist: A Hope For Home
Album: In Abstraction
Release Date: December 6, 2011
Label: Facedown Records

Let me be completely honest, I didn’t have an easy time writing this. Probably the reason it’s coming so incredibly late. Also, when you personally know a few of the members, it makes it a bit difficult to not be bias. It’s especially hard when one of their mother’s was your 5th grade teacher, and was far too kind to you when you least deserved it. When a band releases an album that takes this long to review, you know it has something about it that makes it “special”. A Hope For Home has been a familiar name with me for many, many years. I remember seeing them back when they were just a local band, and had just started playing shows, and they did strange things with their guitars, like using a violin bow to make eerie sounds. But fast forward 5 years, and now you have one of Facedown Records most well known bands, and to be frank, one of the most mature sounding bands ever on the roster.

In Abstraction is art. It’s not just simply music, and I don’t think the boys in A Hope For Home would have it any other way. From the first listen you immediately hear a change in sound from their previous albums, but not at all a retreat from their aggressiveness. The music is very ambient, and gives of an Explosions In The Sky vibe, but then when the vocals cut in, and it evolves in to more of a Cult Of Luna sound. This sound continues for the entire album, it never really fluctuates, which is where I feel it loses a lot of listeners. This album can be described as a mood album, an album that you have to been in a certain type of mind set to fully grasp everything it has to offer.

Lyrically, I think this is the albums strongest factor. Nathan Winchell’s lyrics have always been a huge part of A Hope For Home, and nothing has changed with In Abstraction. If anything, they have gotten more deep, and visual. The lyrics really focus on a spiritual connection with nature, and how we as humans find God in his creations, whether it’s the roaring ocean, the rigid mountains, or the vastness of space, we can find Him just by observing these elements. For me personally, I love the visuals that they give through the lyrics, and how well they mix with the instrumentals.

Overall: In Abstraction is a concept album, so it’s hard to do a track by track review of it. I think A Hope For Home has found a sound that really defines who they are as a band. Some won’t find enjoyment of the “new” sound, but some need it. Though it is only 7 songs long, there isn’t a song that is under 5 minutes, and another factor that plays in to the listener’s longevity. I urge you to give this album a shot, or at least read the lyrics. You won’t regret either. Recommended for fans of: Hands, Russian Circles, Cult of Luna; post-rock bands.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by Tabor Brown


  1. Calm
  2. Out Of Ruin, Misery
  3. Firewind
  4. Tides
  5. The House Where You Were Born
  6. Weaved
  7. Everything That Rises Must Converge

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The Skies Revolt are taking a step back in time! Embrace your childhood memories and head on over to to see the boys embark on an epic adventure in which you choose what happens next! Here’s a hint, watch out for bears!

While you’re there check out a chance to win your very own Super Nintendo! To enter simply draw a picture of what you think “action and adventure” look like and submit to:

From there the band will post all the pictures on their Facebook. The person with the most “likes” on their picture will win the Super Nintendo! This contest will end March 20th so get your photos in now!

You can still check out The Skies Revolt brand new video “Its All in the Reflexes” exclusively at The band's new album, Some Kind of Cosmonaut, will be out February 18th.
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labor pains Cover Art

Artist: Sinai Vessel
Album: Labor Pains
Release Date: October 4, 2011
Label: None

Music is something that with the right intentions, can really connect with the listener on a deeper level. Sinai Vessel do a good job of this. I first discovered the music of Sinai Vessel, headed by Caleb Cordes, from a large independent music site a few years ago, but it wasn't until the summer of 2011 that I really gave a listen to their sometimes upbeat, sometimes somber taste of indie rock. By the time the band's new album Labor Pains arrived, I was more than ready to dig into it.

The songs on Labor Pains each have their own individual feel, while containing a cohesiveness that is rare to come by these days. There are moments of acoustic subtlety, energetic drums, pulsating electric guitars, and the sometimes intimate, yet always commanding, vocals of Caleb Cordes, which show a truly great range. Lyrically, Labor Pains is a spiritually very deep album, revealing that a good deal of thought, introspect, and intellect were put into the writing.

A strummed guitar buzzes into the speakers to introduce "Venture," which has a lovely, pure sense to it, reflecting the loving relationship between God and his children. "Wisteria" follows with a raucous groove of untapped energy, with guitars that progress from electric to acoustic within a measure, before the electric resurfaces, along with the lyric "break free!" Raw emotion is poured into "Heels of Lions," a slow, orchestrated song, which builds into an eerie, hallow yell towards the song's climax, which is chill inducing. The rhythmically heavy "Untitled" dwells heavily on the bass line, and lyrically, expresses an honest conversation with God, stating "You could be with anyone else, I'd make a better wife to hell itself." Despite being acoustically driven, "Vows" is easily the most upbeat song on Labor Pains, abounding in worship, proclaiming "Where You go, I'll go, where You stay, I'll stay as well."

"Yet Lovely" takes on a different note, and is backed by an ambience of strings, which build into a dramatic crescendo of sound, taking a much more diverse feel from anything else on the album. "The Submariner" also has a build up, but into a collection of gang vocals, before some of Labor Pains' best lyrics, showing a spiritual renewal, are unveiled to close the song; "They call it a revival but it's more like a birth, when the marrow in my bones begins to mix with the earth and the water in my lungs mixes as mud with the dirt, and "hallelujah" is recorded as my first spoken word." Based off of the hymn "My God, I Know, I Feel Thee Mine" by Charles Wesley is the Sinai Vessel arrangement,"Parturition," sounding like it was tracked live to tape. The song begins with a folk sounding guitar part, which ends up fueling the intimacy of the song, not only just a man and a guitar, but also showing the love between the Father and a son, which sums up Labor Pains as a whole.

Overall: Caleb Cordes, assisted by David Wimbish, makes up Sinai Vessel's inception of Labor Pains, an album conveying deep honesty and passion driven by an introspection of faith, expressed through well written lyrics and indie rock full of grooves. The production quality gives off the feeling of what an indie album should sound like, a sharp rawness that only adds to a near live, intimate setting. Labor Pains is more than simply a collection of songs, and it is more than just another album, but instead is a deep experience of worship, composed of the joys and pains of a spiritual birth. I can truly see it being a timeless album, showing that Sinai Vessel certainly have the talent to be recognized among the likes of faith-driven indie rock bands such as My Epic and Ascend The Hill.

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by Brooks Ginnan


  1. Venture
  2. Wisteria
  3. Heels of Lions
  4. Untitled
  5. Vows
  6. Yet Lovely
  7. The Submariner
  8. Parturition
(Pay What You Want Download)
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Feel The Power

Artist: Blessed By A Broken Heart
Album: Feel The Power
Release Date: January 24, 2012
Label: Tooth & Nail Records

After touring extensively as a part of the metal scene and an array of member changes, Blessed By A Broken Heart are back in 2012 with a new album, and a bit of a new direction. This time around, the screaming is cut to a minimum, still showing up from time to time, but taking a backseat to the many harmonic vocals, sounding right out of the 80s. In fact, Feel The Power is a modern take on the hair metal and rock n' roll of the 80s, a la bands like Stryper or Bon Jovi, accented with small hints of their past metalcore antics.

"Deathwish" and "Shut Up and Rock" start off Feel The Power with a rush of fist pumping, high adrenaline tunes, the latter drawing on a southern rock influence, courtesy of Dallas Taylor of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Following up two tracks later is the album's single, "Forever." There's something about "Forever" that just strikes me as catchy, with layered vocal harmonies in the chorus, and shredding riffs in the verses.

In true 80s style, there is of course a power ballad on Feel The Power, "I've Got You." In fact, "I've Got You" is vocally one of the strongest points of the album, really showing off frontman Tony Gambino's chops, in much more of a solo position, as compared to being backing by harmonies or gang vocals. The album's real heavy hitter, "Innocent Blood," strikes late in the rotation, as track number 11, and shows a real aggression. Gang vocals, growls, and chugging guitars all take their rightful places in the song, alongside a great guitar solo, which Feel The Power is filled with.

Although Feel The Power is a good album, it is not for everyone. For one thing, if you are not a big fan of 80s rock and metal, along with layers and layers of vocal harmonies, you probably won't enjoy this album. There is nothing too serious talked about on Feel The Power, with the exception of a few nods to faith. The album takes some time to get used to, and it is a fun listen, but there not much to delve into lyrically, although the opener "Deathwish" does speak of the pain and downfall of addictions.

Overall: Blessed By A Broken Heart have put out a fun album with Feel The Power, the band's Tooth & Nail debut. Past fans looking for the band's 80s-tinged metalcore will not find much of that sound on this release, but instead more of an 80s rock album, complete with lots of shredding riffs, guitar solos, harmonic vocals, and even a power ballad. Feel The Power is an undoubtedly fun and catchy listen, and may take some time to get used to, with the band's new direction, but if you are a fan of any of the mentioned qualities that this album contains, or are still stuck in the 80s as Blessed are, then certainly give it a spin, and as the band say, shut up and rock!

Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by Brooks Ginnan

  1. Deathwish
  2. Shut Up and Rock
  3. Love Nightmare
  4. Forever
  5. Thunder Dome
  6. Holdin' Back For Nothin'
  7. I've Got You
  8. Rockin' All Night
  9. Scream It Like You Mean It
  10. Skate or Die
  11. Innocent Blood
  12. Sleepless Nights
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SEATTLE, WA –January 24, 2012 –Tooth & Nail Records’ Sent By Ravens is ready to release their sophomore label album, Mean What You Say, on February 28.  This album is a follow-up to their 2010 breakout hit, Our Graceful Words, which debuted at No. 34 on Billboard Heatseekers Chart. In anticipation of their release, the band has posted a new song, “We’re All Liars,” up now on their Facebook and YouTube.

With their sophomore effort Mean What You Say, Sent By Ravens have taken their driving modern rock sound and rounded it out, expanded its diversity while staying true to a base of powerful vocals and soaring guitar tones. The new album was produced in Nashville with Rob Hawkins (Fireflight, Disciple) and mixed by Ainslie Grosser.  Mean What You Say is a polished collection of songs that contain moments that are sometimes delicate and sometimes raw.

Frontman Zach Riner’s lyrics and their meaning’s are the heart behind Mean What You Say.  He does not mince words as he speaks to the hunger for spiritual authenticity in each of us. On the song “Listen” he addresses the idea that transparency, rather than preaching, produces lasting impact.  And on the debut Rock radio single, “Learn From the Night,” he reminds the listener that we must let go of pride and admit our own mistakes if we want to find healing in relationships.

“I want to be true to what I believe,” adds Riner.  “I’m fine if someone is offended or disagrees with me, but not if it was because I lacked passion. I am no preacher, I only feel qualified to write songs and speak about what I believe and talk sincerely with people - that’s what I’ll stick with.”

Stay tuned for more information on this release and the band’s touring schedule.  Sent By Ravens hails from South Carolina and is composed of Zach Riner, Vocals, Andy O'neal, Guitar, JJ Leonard, Guitar, Jon Arena, Bass and Dane Andersen, Drums.

Mean What You Say Track Listing:
1.  Prudence
2.  Listen
3.  Rebuild, Release
4.  Learn From The Night
5.  Mean What You Say
6.  However Long It Takes
7.  Need It Today
8.  Never Be Enough
9.  We're All Liars
10. Best In Me
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MyChildren MyBride out March 13 on Solid State Records

Band to set out on two-month tour with For Today, A Skylit Drive

Jan 24, 2012 -  Solid State Records is pleased to announce the release of MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE's third full-length album, a self-titled effort available online and in stores everywhere March 13.

The eagerly awaited album is the band's third release in six years, and the first since 2010's lauded Lost Boy, which debuted at #183 on the Billboard Top 200.

For MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE, the self-titled album represents a new chapter for the band, and stamps the advent of a refined sound the members have been chasing since MCMB's inception.

"That's exactly what this album is, a new beginning," says guitarist Robert Bloomfield. "I really do feel we found our sound. It's definitely MCMB still, but with this new flare that we've all loved and understood but never figured out a way to translate it to our music."

Recorded with esteemed producer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall), MyChildren MyBride finds the band reaching deep mentally and emotionally for what is without a doubt their crowning achievement thus far, a hard-hitting, experimental, cinematic opus that will set a fire in the hearts of old and new fans alike. With a no-holds-barred approach to programming and effects, and good, old-fashioned brutal riffage - not to mention a new level of dynamics from frontman Matthew Hasting - MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE have boldly redefined themselves for this new chapter of their career.

"I feel like everything we've done as a band all comes together in this one record," Bloomfield says. "Everything we've learned along the way. We put all our love and hate into it. It's the best album in our career so far."

In celebration of the release, the band will be setting sail on a two-month trek alongside FOR TODAY, A SKYLIT DRIVE, STICK TO YOUR GUNS and MAKE ME FAMOUS that includes dozens of stops throughout the U.S. and Canada, culminating in a spot at the infamous New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, MA.

Mar 9 - Nashville TN @ Rockettown
Mar 10 - Douglasville GA @ The 7 Venue
Mar 11 - Jacksonville FL @ Murray Hill Theater
Mar 12 - Pensacola FL @ American Legion Hall
Mar 18 - Houston TX @ Verizon Wireless Theater (Houston We Have a Problem Fest)
Mar 20 - Tucson AZ @ The Rock
Mar 21 - Anaheim CA @ House of Blues
Mar 23 - Simi Valley CA @ 118 West
Mar 24 - San Diego CA @ Soma
Mar 25 - Sacramento CA @ Ace of Spades
Mar 28 - Iowa City IA @ Blue Moose Tap House
Mar 29 - St Paul MN @ Station 4
Mar 31 - Joilet IN @ Mojoes
Apr 1 - Lousville KY @ Expo Five
Apr 3 - Memphis TN @ New Daisy Theater
Apr 4 - Tulsa OK @ Marquee Theater
Apr 5 - East St Louis IL @ Pop's
Apr 6 - Dayton, OH @ The Attic
Apr 7 - Pontiac MI @ The Crofoot Ballroom
Apr 8 - Buffalo NY @ Club Infinity
Apr 10 - Pittsburgh PA @ The Altar Bar
Apr 11 - Toronto ON @ Annex Wreckroom
Apr 12 - Montreal QU @ La Tuilpe
Apr 13 - New York NY @ Gramercy Theater
Apr 14 - Allentown PA @ Crocodile Rock Cafe
Apr 15 - Sayerville NJ @ Starland Ballroom
Apr 17 - Raleigh NC @ Lincoln Theater
Apr 18 - Charlotte NC @ Amos
Apr 19 - Richmond VA @ Kingdom
Apr 20 - Poughkeepsie NY @ The Chance
Apr 22 - Worcester MA @ The Palladium (Metalfest)
Sons to Release Keep Quiet on February 14th

NASHVILLE, TN – January 23, 2012 – SONS (formerly Sons of God) just announced the February 14th release of their debut full length album titled Keep Quiet. The indie rock band posted the album trailer (seen below) to give fans a preview of the highly anticipated record.

After signing with Slospeak Records at the end of 2011, SONS started preparing for the album release and winter tour, which came to a close last weekend. “We met so many great people while on the road. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to see them singing along to songs from the EP (2010) and reacting so well to the new tracks,” says lead vocalist Aaron Newberry.

The twelve track record is filled with the raw emotion and passion the band is known for - in addition to a wide vocal range, impressive instrumentation and revealing yet relatable lyrics. A re-recorded version of “Doubt” is SONS’ first radio single and charted at #2 Most Added on the BDS Chart its first week out.

SONS is Aaron Newberry, Jacob Bundren and Ethan Kattau. Newberry began the project under the name Sons of God.  He released The Genesis Prologue EP in 2010. The three tracks met excellent acclaim –getting recognition on Relevant’s “The Drop,” HM Magazine, IndieVisionMusic and more. From there, the band began working on Keep Quiet, which drops on February 14th, 2012, altered the name to SONS and signed with Slospeak Records. For more information, log on to

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Details about the first annual STAND TOGETHER FEST have been announced! The event, which is presented by Blood & Ink Records and F!GHT Clothing, will be held April 13th and 14th, 2012 at Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee. Scheduled to perform are Zao, Saints Never Surrender (reunion), Flatfoot 56, Venia, As Hell Retreats, Debtor, and more (full line-up below).

STAND TOGETHER FEST was launched with the hopes of bringing fans of Spirit-filled hardcore and metal together for one awesome, weekend-long event... without needing to break the bank in order to attend. Featuring bands from a number of notable labels, including Ferret Music, Paper + Plastick, Ain't No Grave Records, Facedown Records, Mediaskare Records, Red Cord Records, and of course Blood & Ink Records, the line-up offers a diverse glimpse into this scene's best current offerings.

Tickets for STAND TOGETHER FEST are $45 for a two day pass and can be purchased online via the festival website at:


SAINTS NEVER SURRENDER (reunion featuring all original members)
COOL COUGH (ex-members of Call To Preserve)
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A Plea for Purging is excited to announce their first tour of the new year on which they'll be joined by co-headliners Shai Hulud.

As a long time fan of Shai Hulud, I am honored to share the stage with them on our upcoming, co-headlining tour with them. I'm sure I will lose my mind every night. They are legendary. We both are very lucky to have Counterparts and Dead Icons come out and support this tour. Both bands are killer and will be a great fit to this run. - Andy Atkins

The Hope Within Hatred tour, supported by Counterparts and Dead Icons, kicks off February 23 in Danbury, CT and wraps up March 18 in Evansville, IN.
See below for full tour dates.

Plea has also just released a live video for "The Life", a song from their 2011 release The Life and Death of A Plea For Purging. The band explains how the video came about:

While on last year's "The Life and Tour of A Plea for Purging" we had a chance to hangout with our good friend, Mark Eshleman of Reel Bear Media, whom we have worked with in the past on "The Eternal Female." With one camera and an ecstatic Dayton, OH crowd, Mark shot some footage that would become a live video for "The Life."  We are very happy with the way it turned out and owe it all to Mark and his neat camera.

Check out the live video for "The Life" here:

Tour dates:

Feb 24 - Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts Theater
Feb 25 - Trenton, NJ @ Championship Bar
Feb 26 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ Eat Your Heart Out Fest
Feb 27 - Crofton, MD @ MACC
Feb 28 - Fredericksburg, VA @ The Refuge
Feb 29 - Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
Mar 1 - Sylaga, AL @ New Needle Tattoo
Mar 2 - Jackson, MS @ The Carter
Mar 3 - Plano, TX @ Tomcats
Mar 4 - San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
Mar 5 - El Paso, TX @ Lips Lounge
Mar 6 - Mesa, AZ @ The Underground
Mar 7 - Anaheim, CA @ Mirror Image Studios
Mar 12 - Canoga Park, CA @ Cobalt Cafe
Mar 13 - Sunnyvale, CA @ Dosa Biryani
Mar 14 - Reno, NV @ The Holland Project
Mar 15 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Salt Lake Foursquare
Mar 17 - Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
Mar 18 - Evansville, IN @ The Hatch
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Solid State Records is pleased to announce the addition of Arkansas road warriors THE OVERSEER to its roster of trendsetting acts.

The surging hard rock outfit has been dominating the Southern underground circuit as of late with a relentless touring schedule and a rousing catalog of pummeling riffage, savage breakdowns and vocal cord-rupturing vocals. Inspired by bands like Thrice and Underoath, THE OVERSEER have three goals with their music: To elevate, to transport the listener to a place that’s emotionally honest ... and to stir up one hell of a mess in the moshpit.

All of those elements are on full technicolor display in the band's debut single "Secrets," available for download on iTunes beginning today. The song is the first taste of THE OVERSEER's as-yet-untitled debut album, being recorded now in Atlanta’s Glow in the Dark Studios.

Download 'Secrets' on iTunes Now:

"Everyone almost always has a secret or something to hide, and it eats you up inside," says vocalist Anthony Rivera of "Secrets." "The best thing to do is to let it out - to 'come clean,' as the end of the song proclaims. The song is a good blend of our heavier side, which is everyone's initial take on the band, and a bit of our softer side which I feel really bleeds out well in our upcoming debut record!"

Proving they've got the work ethic to back up their talent, THE OVERSEER have spent 400 days over the last two years touring as an unsigned band and winning over the fans the good, old-fashioned way: By playing their hearts out and grabbing listeners by the throat with an artful brand of dynamic, hard-hitting rock. It's been a fruitful run for THE OVERSEER - if not always glamorous. “There’s really nothing like sleeping in a van in a different Walmart parking lot every night and showering once a week  - or less,” laughs bassist Bradley Riggs. 

The sacrifices paid off when the band achieved one of the goals the members had set from the beginning - getting signed to Solid State Records. "Growing up, I would buy any record they put out and was never disappointed," vocalist Anthony Rivera says of his new label home. "Signing with them has been a dream come true."

Needless to say, the excitement is mutual. "THE OVERSEER'S commitment to touring and their exciting live shows over the past couple years made them stand out to me," says Solid State A&R rep Adam Skatula. "They're able to stay on the road all year, and the energy in the room when they play is truly remarkable. After hearing the first few tracks from their debut record, we're extremely proud to have them be a part of the Solid State family."


For more information, please visit: or 

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Post Tenebras Lux

Artist: Attalus
Album: Post Tenebras Lux
Release Date: November 18, 2011
Label: None

Social networking has come a long way in the music industry, sometimes drastically effecting and launching the careers of some bands. Whether it be through promoting shows or debuting new music, tools such as Facebook and Twitter have become some of the most crucial parts of bands, believe it or not. It was just yesterday, while on Twitter in fact, that I stumbled upon Attalus' profile bio. Wrapped up in one sentence was one of the most interesting things I've read by a band as of late; "The music is original; the message isn't." And is the heart of the North Carolina band, who mix a strong overtones of faith in their lyrics, with a diverse blend of alternative, indie rock, pop punk, and post-hardcore.

Post Tenebras Lux, the debut full length album from Attalus, tells the story of an individual caught between light and darkness, faith and reason, and pain and healing. "Night" begins the journey of Post Tenebras Lux, with a subtle piano intro that has the tendency to send chills down your spine, before a strong wall of guitars enters the scene, which eventually build into a crescendo of the song's climax, with a fantastic array of dual vocals, and backing screams of "All is vanity!" Clocking over a minute is a sound clip of multiple painful news stories of death and war, and eventually the vocals come in, asking God why there is such thing as pain. One of the album's slower, jazzier tempos is found in the piano-soft title track, although the mood is soon shaken with the highlight "Faith and Reason," which contains strong pop punk elements, and one of the album's best lines; "Whoever said life is easy, they lied!" "Shadow of Doubt" also strongly follows, with a complex section of guitars that are sure to get you moving.

The second half of the album seems lyrical very hopeful, especially the ballad, "When I Lose My Way," a message from the perspective of God, letting the story's individual know that he is not alone. "One Defining Spark" is yet another very solid rock song, which rides the line between indie rock and post-hardcore, with some heavy and soaring riffs, and layered singing and screaming. From there, the album slows down into mainly piano filled songs, ending with the two and a half minute long "Let There Be Light," the album's conclusion. Interestingly enough however, a fuzzy hidden track comes in after a few seconds of silence, with what sounds like an energetic time of worship, an even more fitting way to conclude the journey of trying to find God's love through the dark, painful times that life is prone to throw at anyone.

Overall: Attalus have crafted an extremely well done album with Post Tenebras Lux, creating a mix of truly memorable music, with a storyline of one looking for faith in the dark parts of this world. While the album took a little time to grow on me, the final outcome was something very enjoyable and gripping, as the band dip their feet into not only alternative rock, but post-hardcore and pop punk, backed and layered by heavy doses of piano. Post Tenebras Lux certainly is a surprisingly well done album, and if you're a fan of bands such as Thrice, Emery, or edgier indie rock bands, be sure to check out Attalus.

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by Brooks Ginnan

  1. Night
  2. The Problem of Pain
  3. Post Tenebras Lux
  4. Faith and Reason
  5. Shadows of Doubt
  6. When I Lose My Way
  7. One Defining Spark
  8. At the Rubicon
  9. A Country Road in Two Seasons
  10. Let There Be Light
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Pennsylvania metalcore band My Heart To Fear have released two new songs off of their upcoming full length album, Into The Maelstrom, which are streaming now right here. Into The Maelstrom will be releasing over the next few weeks, with a release date to be announced. To stay up to date with the new album and My Heart To Fear's upcoming tour dates, check out the band's Facebook page.
New Music from Ruth

Ruth are back after three years of new music (their covers EP), and will be releasing their new album, Payola, on January 31st. The band has also recently released a new music video for their new song "Life is Just a Dream," which can be viewed below. In addition to new music from Ruth, the band's vocalist, Dustin Ruth, also released an EP a year and a half ago, named Learn How To Love Someone, which is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Noisetrade.

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Fragile EP

Artist: Ryan Blake Martin
Album: Fragile EP
Release Date: January 10, 2012
Label: None

The best artists should not keep their creativity locked away, but should instead freely share it. About a year and a half ago, we were introduced to the voice of Ryan Blake Martin, guitarist of hardcore heavy hitters A Plea For Purging. With a few songs of clean vocals, listeners finally discovered Martin's pent up talent, but it wasn't fully until just about a year ago that we got a glimpse of what was yet to come; a man and his guitar. The Fragile EP is a five song collection, and finally gives the Plea listener a full glimpse of Ryan Blake Martin.

Fragile holds a somber mood over its songs, especially in the lyrical content. "Its In The Pain We Grow" flows with gently picked strings, and touches on getting through times of pain and longing in life, knowing that in the end, we will only grow with the experiences. Both "Turn It Around" and "Wandering Souls" seem to resonate on Martin's touring life, and desiring for home. A near folky guitar line is heard on "The Controller," which reminisces on a past relationship, and the EP's title track, "Fragile," discusses the weakness of people, and how fragile life and love can really be, hitting especially hard with the lines "Fragile we are, broken from the start, forgetting who we are." For those who may have heard an early version of "Fragile" last year, this version is re-recorded and has a bit more of a haunting depth, due to some new found vocal melodies which layer the leading vocals.

Overall: The Fragile EP has been long in the making, and after just about a full year of some covers here and there, we finally get a full glimpse of the solo music of Ryan Blake Martin. The EP's five somber songs show an honest introspection on the sorrowful times in life that Martin has experienced, which have come along with his numerous years of touring in A Plea For Purging. If you've been a fan of A Plea For Purging's more recent albums, which include slower songs which Blake has sang, or if you have a thing for discovering talented singer-songwriters, then the Fragile EP is certainly worth checking out.

Reviewed by Brooks Ginnan

  1. Its In The Pain We Grow
  2. Turn It Around
  3. The Controller
  4. Wandering Souls
  5. Fragile
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This February Your Memorial will be heading into Covenant Studios to record their follow up album to 2010's Atonement. The band will work with engineer Josh Barber to put the album together, and then Josh Schroeder from Random Awesome will step in to do the mixing and mastering. The band expects to finish up the album in late spring for a summer 2012 release with Facedown Records. You'll be able to follow the band's process via video updates.

From the band:
It's time for a new Your Memorial record. We've been in the writing process on and off since early 2011 and right now we're working on wrapping up our third album, and sorting out all of the ideas for pre production. We're working with our friend Josh Barber, who also was the main engineer on our last record 'Atonement', at Covenant Studios in our home away from home Kansas City, MO. We are also really excited to be working with Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome Studio who will be mixing, mastering, and helping build soundscapes for the record. We're excited about how the songs are shaping up and can't wait to share them with everyone. We'll also be posting video updates of the whole recording process so be on the look out for those in the coming weeks!
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Vocal Few is the new acoustic project from Matt MacDonald (vocalist of The Classic Crime) and his wife Kristie. The duo will be releasing their debut EP, She'll Be Right, on January 10th, and it can currently be pre-ordered from the band in digital or vinyl format here, with all funds going to help the couple raise their newborn baby. Also, Vocal Few have two songs from She'll Be Right streaming at their website, which can be heard right here.
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Ryan Blake Martin, guitarist of Facedown Records' metal band A Plea For Purging, has just released a new song, titled "It's In The Pain We Grow," which can be streamed below. The song is off of Martin's upcoming EP, Fragile, which will be released to iTunes, AmazonMP3, and Spotify on Tuesday, January 10th. For more info on the Fragile EP and Ryan Blake Martin, check out his Facebook page.

 *NEW SONG* Its In The Pain We Grow by ryanblakemartin
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 2, 2012  -  Slospeak Records just announced the newest addition to their roster.  SONS (formerly Sons of God) signed to the indie label and immediately crafted a marketing plan for their upcoming full length release. In addition, the band will re-release “Doubt,” as its first radio single and tour the south to mid west states with sosaveme in January. "Doubt" is now on online to stream and download. The Nashville, TN based indie rock band is pleased to be share this news with both SONS and Slospeak fans.

" Slospeak is a perfect fit because it's like a small family,” says lead vocalist Aaron Newberry.“We're really happy to partner with them and go a slightly unconventional route. "Most of all, we can't wait to share our new music with the world, and the people who have patiently supported our band." shares lead vocalist Aaron Newberry.

SONS began the signing process after developing a friendship with Slospeak A&R Davy Baysinger, after meeting Newberry through mutual friends. The relationship grew, music shared and conversation increased. Soon enough, there was a deal on the table and a pen in the guys’ hands.

The band previously called the nonprofit music organization Come&Live! their home, and founder Chad Johnson is giving them a proud send off. "We are floored for where God is taking SONS and what He has in store for them. They have formed a strategic partnership with an exciting new music endeavor and we wish them the absolute best. We look forward to how God will continue to use us to pour in to SONS."

The band is looking forward to releasing their long-awaited full length album this year, along with multiple tours. With a new lineup, new music and a solid direction, SONS is slated to spend a large part of 2012 on the road.

Tour dates are as follows:
January 7 - Fort Wayne, IN @ Hebrews
January 8 - Sidney, OH @ Sidney First United Methodist Church
January 11 - Cary, NC @ Grace Church
January 12 - Cary, NC @ Colonial Baptist Church
January 13 - Greenville, SC @ The Channel
January 14 - Jacksonville, FL @ Murray Hill Theater
January 15 - Columbus, GA @ Collision Church
January 17 - Chattanooga, TN @ TBA
January 19 - Nashville, TN @TBA
January 20 - Evansville, IN @ The Hatch
January 21 - St. Louis, MO @ Melvin Theater

SONS is Aaron Newberry, Jacob Bundren and Ethan Kattau. Newberry began the project under the name Sons of God.  He released The Genesis Prologue EP in 2010. The three tracks met excellent acclaim –getting recognition on Relevant’s “The Drop,” HM Magazine, IndieVisionMusic and more. From there, the band worked on a full length record, to release in 2012, altered the name to SONS and signed with Slospeak Records. For more information, log on to .