Artist Of The Week - Anchor & Braille

It's been about three years since we've gotten an album from Anchor & Braille, the indie side project of Anberlin's Stephen Christian, but this week, on July 31st, the band's sophomore album will be released. The Quiet Life is a collection of haunting melodies and catchy percussion, certainly a maturation of sound since 2009's Felt. The Quiet Life is available now in stores and online through Tooth & Nail Records.


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Skillet - Comatose

Artist: Skillet
Album: Comatose
Release Date: 10/3/06
Label: Lava/Ardent/Atlantic
Review-Track by Track
1. Rebirthing - A great opener with a string section and hard pounding rock. John Cooper (lead singer) said this was his favorite song to play on stage because it shows all of the element of Skillet and I have to agree. The song is about second chances and redeeming yourself.
2. The Last Night - The song opens with Korey Cooper's great piano skills and then comes in with Ben Kasaca's killer guitar playing. According to John, this song was written about a girl who was an outcast, her parents blamed everything on her and called her a mistake and she got so fed up with it that one night she decided she was going to take her life away but then God lets her know that she is alot more than she thinks she is and that her life has meaning and purpose.
3. Yours to Hold - This Bon Jovi-inspired-song can be taken two ways: First it could be a love song for couples to have as their own or as the band intended it to be it's saying that God is ours to come to whenever we are alone and that we find comfort in Him. John oftenly jokes when performing this live that "this song is not for the guys, this song is for the girls"
4. Better Than Drugs - The title says it all, the lyrics distinctly say that Jesus is better than drugs and he's like an addiction and antidote. The double tracking at the beginning with John doing echoes is pretty clever and obviously the fans get it!
5. Comatose - This excellent well written and crafted title track is one of the most musically expressed and true songs on the record. Comatose is a way of saying that before we were introduced to Christ we were in comatose not being able to live life for Him. "I don't wanna live, I don't wanna breathe, lest I feel you next to me" Without Christ all things are impossible is the feel I get here. Once again the strings in this song are brilliant and a live favorite.
6. The Older I Get - This song is about not just bad relationships in the past but growing apart from people. The song was specifically written about John's dad whom he did not have a good relationship with as a kid and to this day he wonders "the older I get, will I get over it, it's been way too long for the times we missed, the older I get, will I get over it? I can't believe it still hurts like this"
7. Those Nights - This is one of those coming of age songs where it reminisces of the good times shared with people and how they miss those days or in this case nights. During this song of their live shows, Skillet has something called a "crowd cam" where they video tape everyone in the crowd and then post the videos on various websites such as MySpace.
8. Falling Inside the Black - This song is about not wanting to fall into the evils the world has to offer and that God is our source of strength to get us through anything we struggle with. Fear and insecurity is a theme here where it says "falling to the depths can I ever go back?" No matter what though God is going to bring you back from the 'black' but only if you want Him to.
9. Say Goodbye - A farewell song would be the proper term here or maybe a song for break ups. It could also be taken as a way of growing up and getting older as the song talks about that topic. In the end even though it hurts to leave a certain person you still wish them the best.
10. Whispers In the Dark - The greatest display of guitar work is expressed in this head-banging and high powered song. The song suggests that in the midst of the world we live in God is our hope and will be the one that will hold us and find us in our darkest times. We have nothing to fear knowing HE is here.
11. Looking for Angels - The course of this song is talking about how people need to become a shining light for God and help one another. Poverty, violence and fear are some of the few themes discussed in here. This song is the most unique on the album because the majority of it is John talking about the numerous causes and needs people all around the world need. The video is very deep. WE NEED A REASON TO LIVE.
There you have it, I consider this the greatest Christian rock album of all time (only until Awake comes out) Skillet definately went all out on this record which is without a doubt their best one so far. This year the album was certified GOLD.
"Awake" comes out August 25th, 2009 featuring "Hero" and "Monster"

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Artist:Thousand Foot Krutch
Album:Welcome To The Masquerade
Release Date:9/8/09
Label:Tooth and Nail Records
So,I am going to do a 3-song review from TFK's new album out this fall.The first song is Bring Me To Live which is a great rock song which is available for download at would highly reccomend this download to get a taste of what to expect.Next,is the single "Fire It Up" which is the best rock song I've heard in a long time and has had placements on Versus,ESPN,and a commercial for the upcoming GI Joe movie.The song is available for download anywhere digital music is sold.The last song is their single "Forward Motion" which has been playing on Air 1 Radio a lot lately.It is a song about moving forward after something bad may occur in your life.It is not available for download but I have heard it enough times to properly understand the meaning and review it. These songs are a great idea of what TFK has in store for us on September 8th. Full review coming soon.
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So,I was looking on WSTM's Myspace yesterday and saw that they are giving away a free sampler from their new album,releasing Sept.29th named The Silver Lining,for free!Just watch the video for instuctions!

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So,yesterday,I went to the mall to pick up the new Neon Horse album,and I wouldn't believe what happened!I went to FYE and Best Buy and both said they didn't have it in stock!I was so bummed out!So,unfortunately,everyone will have to wait for a review for probably another week! Sorry guys!
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Artist: Hawk Nelson
Album: Summer EP
Release Date: Summer 2009
Label:BEC Recordings
So,I was very excited to receive this album. I had expereinced some setbacks of Skyroo receiving my order. This new EP contains four great tracks(2 brand new songs,1 cover,and 1 remix). So, as you can see,I was very excited for the new material. The first track,"Live Life Loud" is the title track off their new record releasing September 22nd.It is a fun song telling people to "live life loud". The song is a very good comparison to "California" and could easily be named "California Part II".Also,for everyone without the album this track,and "Meaning of Life" are available on iTunes now! The next song on the record is a remix of the radio single from "...Is My Friend","Let's Dance".It was done by Jason Dunn,HN's frontman. It s not as good as the original,but it is better to dance to,pun intended. After that is a cover of Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)". It was originally done for JC Penny in a promo EP of covers. However,the EP's version is gradually slower but still mantains the sound of Hawk Nelson. The last song is titled "Meaning Of Life" and is a new song going for adds at CHR soon. It is also a good idea of what to expect on Hawk's new album.
Album highlights: "Meaning Of Life","Live Life Loud"
Rating: 8.5/10 You can purchase this EP through Skyroo.
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Artist: Surrogate
Album: Popular Mechanics
Release Date:7/14/09
Label: Tooth and Nail Records

So,before I wrote this review,I read the Love is for the Rich review at It gave it 3 and a half stars.Pretty good review.But if reading that review and then wanting a great Spirit-filled album,that's just not happening. First of all,the "Intro" is a nice 30 second instrumental opening that flows right into "Suprise". "Suprise" is a nice relaxing song that I can't seem to deciphere the meaning to. "Cynism" seems to be a song about being the only one to love something. Then the album moves onto its first single,"Exercise Machines",which is available on the T+N Fuel Sampler.It is basically a song about going green and using exercise machines to make electricity and to get fit. The next song,"Love Is For The Rich" is about someone giving away everything for love. Than,the song "Whiskey(Vomiting Words)" is one of a few songs that have questionable lyrics saying: Absence make the heart grow fonder, whiskey makes the mind grow weak
. I cannot understand why,if this was a true Christian band,they would be singing these things. So after here,everything goes downhill,with songs including the title track,and "State of Jefferson",which includes more strange lyrics. The album closer,"The Devil Gets What He Wants(Sometimes)" is probably Surrogate's most spirit-filled song,talking about Jesus turning water into wine. Overall,the album was sort of like relaxation put to words and overall,was a good sophmore release.

Album Highlights:""Love Is For The Rich","Exercise Machines",and "The Devil Gets What He Wants(Sometimes).
Rating:5.5/10 Would recomend the album for relaxation,but keep in mind the questionable lyrics. Myspace(Lyrics)
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Hey everyone!There is a great site called that you can get free music from many indie artists and some that are signed. Some artists include The Glorious Unseen,Farewell Flight,and Come and Live! artists Ian McIntosh and Daniel Bashta. Overall,there is some great free music on there.You have 2 options:1,to tell 5 friends to spread the word about the artist's music or 2,to donate what you would like.Also,it is free for all artists to put there music up for free on the site.
- Brooks
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I will soon be posting reviews of the new Surrogate and Project 86 albums! Stay tuned!
- Brooks
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Hey everyone! My name is Brooks Ginnan and I made this blog to give out news about Christian music and CD reviews! I will be posting a review of my Hawk Nelson Summer EP when it comes in the mail! Can't wait 'til then. I am also looking to promote more modern Christian Rock but I will be listening to many different types to give you the best of modern Christian music.