Artist Of The Week - Anchor & Braille

It's been about three years since we've gotten an album from Anchor & Braille, the indie side project of Anberlin's Stephen Christian, but this week, on July 31st, the band's sophomore album will be released. The Quiet Life is a collection of haunting melodies and catchy percussion, certainly a maturation of sound since 2009's Felt. The Quiet Life is available now in stores and online through Tooth & Nail Records.


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With the release of their brand new EP We Are The Ones now here, Jeremy Steckel, of post-hardcore band Wolves at the Gate, was willing to answer some questions for CRR.

Christian Rock Rocks (Brooks Ginnan): Can you start off by introducing yourself and what you play in Wolves at the Gate?
Jeremy Steckel (Wolves at the Gate): My name is Jeremy Steckel and I play lead guitar.

CRR: The band is set to release a new EP at the end of January. Can you give details about that?
Jeremy: Yes! We're so excited to release our new EP We Are The Ones. It's officially available today, January 31st, and you can pick it up on AmazonMP3 or iTunes, or a physical copy at our Big Cartel page ( There are six tracks on the EP, five full songs and an intro track. We recorded the album in the summer of 2010, so we've been sitting on these songs for quite some time now!

CRR: The EP's first single, "Heralds," is an interesting track. What is the meaning behind the song?
Jeremy: "Heralds" means a lot to us guys in the band; basically, the song is talking about the journey we've been through so far as WATG. Colin's screaming parts are God's words to us, and Steve's singing parts are our response to God's call in our life. We believe that there is so much more than this world has to offer; God's will and direction in our life needs to trump anything we strive after. My favorite line in the song is "How we live and fight is who we are"; we as people are defined by what we believe in, and if that belief is anything other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it's simply a dead end.

CRR: How long have you all been playing music together?
Jeremy: We started WATG back in April of 2008, so it's almost been three years. Wow! Can't believe it's been that long. It's been quite a journey. Steve (guitar/vox) and our original drummer Ryan Connelly started jamming a few songs out, and realized they wanted to form some kind of band, so they hit up Ben Summers (bass) and myself to start something with them. Our first "real" show was at Steve's house, and Colin (screaming vocals) came up to us after the show and asked to join the band. After the first practice, we were pretty much sold on the idea, and here we are today!

CRR: Starting off and currently, who are some of your biggest influences?
Jeremy: Absolutely the first band that comes to mind is Thrice. We're all huge Thrice fans; they've shaped and influenced us as musicians since day one. As Cities Burn (RIP) are also one of our collective favorites. Honestly, between the four guys in the band, we listen to just about every genre of music you can think of!

CRR: Being a band from Ohio, how do you deal with playing shows in the winter, with all the bad weather?
Jeremy: Haha, great question! It can be a little rough sometimes, snow definitely isn't a traveler's friend. We've been blessed to not have any major accidents or anything so far, let's hope that continues! Because we all have jobs right now, we haven't toured extensively (yet), so shows have generally been in or around Ohio, which have kept the miles down to a minimum so far.

CRR: What one thing do you hope that listeners will pick up from your lyrics?
Jeremy: The one thing we want people to take away from WATG is the fact that God is real, He has a purpose and plan for your life, and He desperately desires a relationship with you. Our lives have been changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we simply can't keep that to ourselves. We're compelled to tell people about Jesus, and our lyrics strive to reflect that. We're very excited to soon release a digital booklet of all the lyrics from We Are The Ones; we give an explanation of each song and what they mean. The core of our band revolves around the message of the beautiful death and resurrection of Jesus Christ almost 2,000 years ago, and how that's still incredibly relevant and life-changing in our culture today.

CRR: Do you see WATG as a band or a ministry?
Jeremy: Can I say both? Haha, I guess that's a weak answer. Truth is, we're a band in ministry. Our tool is music, and we're passionate about it. We have a purpose to this band, and it's not to "define" the new sound of rock and roll or have the heaviest breakdowns possible... plenty of other bands pretty much have that locked down! We obviously love heavy music; it's passionate and raw and we love it! Ultimately though, at the end of the day, if we're doing this for ourselves, we're going to fail. I don't say that as a shock value statement; it's simply the truth. Our calling is to spread the wonderful, incredible, good news of Jesus to everyone we come in contact with, regardless of how it's accepted or how people treat us. It honestly takes the pressure off of us as band members to know that there's a higher purpose in this band, and it's not something we can build or tear down ourselves.

CRR: What albums are you currently into right now?
Jeremy: Haha, that's tough. I listen to so many different genres. As far as heavy music goes, it's tough to beat the new Norma Jean record. Also, the band Periphery is pretty amazing, just started listening to those guys. Ridiculous musicians! I really enjoy the most recent Temper Trap album Conditions... those guys blow my mind. As far as chill music goes, The Tallest Man On Earth and Bon Iver are always at the top of my list. Those guys are writing music that will outlast our generation. So good.

CRR: Any last things you would like to let our readers know?
Jeremy: Check out the new EP We Are The Ones on AmazonMP3 and iTunes, and come hang out with us at a show in the future! Thanks to Brooks for setting us up with this interview!
Solid State's A Very Metal Christmas Tour Review

Living Sacrifice with The Famine, Becoming The Archetype, To Speak of Wolves, As They Sleep and Messengers
12/10/10 at The Bandwagon, Fort Worth, TX

When this tour package was first announced, I was beyond stoked. I had only seen two of the original six bands announced (which were Living Sacrifice and a very different To Speak of Wolves that were then touring on their EP). My joy was not diminished however, when it was announced that The Showdown would not be able to join this tour as originally promoted. I was sad that I would not get to see them, but the lineup was still so strong that it didn't hurt the tour package at all.

My new concern was that the tour wouldn't come to my DFW area. Thank God that worry was put to rest pretty quickly as the tour was to be coming to town with a bonus - Messengers and The Famine! Messengers are a hardcore/metal/thrash band that had just recently put out a very good EP (Anthems) on Strike First Records. I was amped to see them live as I really enjoyed their debut. The Famine is another good metal band from the DFW area that I had admired for some time, but had not had a chance to actually see play. Needless to say, I felt pretty blessed to get to see such great bonus additions to the show.

First up was Messengers. I'd say that's a darn good lineup if Messengers is your opening act! Messengers performed about eight songs, with the last being a No Innocent Victim cover of "My Beliefs." Even though they are a local act, the crowd seemed mostly unfamiliar with their set. That is to be expected though, since they had only put out their EP a little over a month prior. They put on a good show with vocalist Chad Paramore doing the bulk of the work. If you are looking for technical prowess or an extremely rehearsed performance, look elsewhere. This is NOT a knock on them. They sound good live and I enjoyed watching them. They are just true to their "thrash-y" roots.

Next up was a great technical death metal band from Detroit called As They Sleep. I was unfamiliar with this band until my good buddy Steve Sloan from IVM (Indie Vision Music) told me about them. He had known about them prior to their recent signing with Solid State. They band only played five and a half songs. I say "a half" because after their setlist, they quickly worked up the Texas crowd with an energetic and faithful Pantera cover, only playing roughly half the song. Again, this band had a small case of the "stand-arounds". Now, the vocalist (Aaron Bridgewater) cannot be lumped into this category. He was all over the place. They sound really good live and are very technical. So technical, in fact, that it seemed like their drummer (Tony Lukitsh) had slight difficulties playing some parts. Now that can be due to numerous reasons, one of which I happen to believe is the fatigue bands probably incur from being on the road. Combine that with the technicality of the music and I'd say he or anyone has more than a good excuse.

To Speak of Wolves were up next. I had seen TSOW about two years ago when they were a totally different lineup. They were great then and they still are. The band is nothing but pure energy. These guys are EVERYWHERE! That had a short but sweet set. They packed a lot into it, seeing as how the bass player (Will McCuthcheon) jumped into the crowd, bass-less, and started moshing, and their fill in vocalist (Mason Minnick of Red Morning Voyage) lost a shoe (don't ask, haha).

Now, the best part of the show: Becoming The Archetype. I can honestly say with no sense of "fanboy-ism" that BTA stole the show! I never considered myself a huge BTA fan. I mean, sure, I had enjoyed some of the stuff I had heard and wanted to maybe pick up some CDs some day, but I was in no rush. That changed the first minute they played. They are so technical and tight sounding that it's unfair to other bands. They are explosive and highly entertaining. Jason Wisdom (vocalist/bassist) never stops moving. Words truly do this band no justice in "describing" their live show. I hate knowing I'm selling them short. The saddest part of the show was the fact that they only played about five songs. If you have not seen them, go! I will be at every BTA show I am blessed with the opportunity to be at. They have a new album coming out in March entitled Celestial Completion. I will be getting it!

Now, was The Famine's time. They are solid live and represent their studio efforts pretty faithfully. One thing that really sticks out to me is frontman Nick Nowell. That dude is a riot. If you've ever seen their studio videos, you'll know what I'm talking about. Whenever he's done with music, I think he can do standup, he's that funny. The band ran through songs mostly from their debut full-length, The Raven and The Reaping. Though, they did play one new song, the amazing "Ad Mortem," from their highly anticipated new album, The Architects of Guilt, due out on February 15th.

Last and obviously not the least were the legendary Living Sacrifice. I had become a recent fan of theirs after seeing them live at a guest appearance on last summer's Scream The Prayer (tour). I had enjoyed their music in sections through the years, but for whatever reason never made them a staple in my collection. That changed after the first time I saw them live. The bands gets "it". They know what to do and how to do it when it comes to live shows. Like them or not, seeing them live will make anyone a fan. They're as solid as a unit as any band performing today. They utilize a great light show as well as smoke to fully draw you in. The way they closed out the night was truly amazing. Even thinking about it now, I smile. They capped off the night with a ridiculously awesome performance of "Reject" from their Reborn album. That song is already high enough in energy as it is. Add in Jason Wisdom from BTA and Will McCuthcheon from TSOW swapping vocals on the song, magic. The place went CRAZY! I could see Living Sacrifice hundreds of times and not grow tired of them. What a way to end an already amazing night!
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If you're familiar with A Plea For Purging, then you are probably familiar with Blake Martin. Blake is the guitarist and, as of late, clean vocalist for the band. He has been working on some acoustic, singer-songwriter stuff, and has posted two songs, one being a cover of U2's "Electrical Storm" and the other being an original titled "Fragile." You can listen to and download both on his Facebook page.
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It's been two years since Abandon Kansas released their EP We're All Going Somewhere, and since then, I've been eagerly anticipating a full length from the band. Well, the band is slated to release the awaited full length, named Ad Astra Per Aspera on March 8th.

On early listen, the album certainly fulfilled my expectations, with their grooving indie rock, infused with some pop rock elements. While upbeat at times, such as found on songs like the album's single "Heaven Come My Way" and "Liar," the latter featuring some guest vocals from Tim Skipper of House of Heroes, there are also more recollective and chilled out songs as well that fit well with the pondering lyrics and vocalist Jeremy Spring's unique, distinguished voice. Ad Astra Per Aspera will be an album that will be sure to carry the band with momentum into the rest of 2011.
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Tooth & Nail Records rock band I Am Empire just released their new album Kings and took some time to answer some questions about the new album.

Christian Rock Rocks (Brooks Ginnan): May I ask who I have the pleasure of speaking with and what you do in I Am Empire?
Eric Martin (I Am Empire): My name is Eric Martin and I play drums.

CRR: Your Tooth & Nail Records debut album Kings is out this week. How did the whole recording process go for that album?
Eric: We wrote about 15 songs. We went out to Nashville and recorded with Rob Hawkins (Fireflight, Disciple, Write This Down). We spent about three and a half weeks in and out of a studio and a "quality inn". It was a very fun experience. Rob Hawkins is the man.

CRR: What were some of the inspirations behind the lyrics of the album, and its title?
Eric: It all circles around the general theme of finding joy in the hardest of times. More specifically it is a record about abandonment; how Austin has dealt with it and deals with it. He hopes that by telling his story, others will know there is a place for them and that they are not alone.

CRR: I heard that the song "Dig You Out" was co-written with Anberlin. How did that come about?
Eric: Joey sent us three instrumental tracks. We chose one, and made it into an I Am Empire song. Austin wrote the lyrics, and the rest of the band worked out the arrangement changes.

CRR: Two songs from your indie debut album ("The Elevator" and "You're A Fake") made it to Kings. Why were those two in particular carried over to the new record?
Eric: We felt that those two songs didn't necessarily have their "chances" yet. Our indie release was really only sold at our shows, so we figured most people would be hearing it for the first time.

CRR: How did the band get started?
Eric: We came together in August 2008. Austin and Andrew had been in the band for about four years under a different name, then Josh joined in 2007, and Dan and I joined in 2008. We put out our first full length, then we hit the road.

CRR: If you had to self-describe your sound, how would you describe it?
Eric: Loud music with harmonies and guitar solos.

CRR: Musically speaking, what bands are you either inspired or influenced by?
Eric: Queen, Muse, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, Van Halen.

CRR: What has God been showing you as a band lately?
Eric: He has been teaching us to be patient and to work hard.

CRR: What touring plans do you have over the next few months?
Eric: In February, we will be touring with Children 18:3 and Hyland. In March, we will be touring with Silverline.

CRR: Any last things you'd like to mention?
Eric: Buy our new record and come see us on tour!
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Call To Preserve have been a long time member of the Facedown Family, so it is sad for us to report that CTP have announced that they are in the final stages of touring and will soon be dissolving the band. Please read the band's official statement for information on where you'll be able to see them live one last time.

After eight years, three full-lengths and countless tours all over, Call to Preserve is calling it quits. For the past year or so we’ve done our best to keeping functioning as a band despite losing members and having remaining members cut back their involvement. Now all of us are being pulled in different directions and our aspirations for our future have expanded much further than being on tour all the time. With some of us moving away, going back to school or starting careers, we just can’t sacrifice our time to this band like we used to. It would be a disservice to ourselves to do CTP half heartedly, so instead we want to go out on a high note and enjoy our last few months as a band.

We want to do our best to make sure those who want to can come see us for the last time. This April we’ll be playing our last west coast show at Facedown Fest 2011 and in the coming months we’ll be announcing our last tour dates, which will include a stop at Cornerstone Festival. Our last show will be near the end of July this summer in Melbourne, Florida. More details will be announced soon.

In these final months we’ll also be working on a few new songs that will be on a 7” coming out this summer on Facedown Records. We’ve wanted to put out vinyl for years and felt we had a few more things to say before we go, so this seemed like the perfect time and place to put out a 7”.

We never thought that this band would get as far as it did. We never thought we’d have the chance to travel so much and tour with some of our favorite bands and make such amazing friends from all over the world. We are eternally grateful for the chance we were given to play music and actually have people listen.  We want to thank Jason Dunn and Facedown Records for standing behind us for the past five years, being some of the easiest people to work with and for just being great friends. We want to thank all the bands we’ve met and toured with who have become some of our best friends and we will miss the shows and the hangouts dearly. Finally we want to thank everyone who has supported us by coming to a show, buying a shirt, letting us sleep on your floor or feeding us. We are more thankful than you’ll ever know.

Thanks for listening and see you soon.
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We are beyond excited to finally announce this year's Facedown Fest line up and information! Facedown Fest 2011 will be held at The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA on April 8th and 9th. Night one will be headlined by War of Ages and For Today will headline night two to close out the weekend. Facedown Fest 2011 will also feature Call To Preserve's final west coast show, as well as Overcome's first appearance at Facedown Fest since their one-time reunion in 2003. Doors open at 4pm each day and the ticket cost is $15 for one night, or $25 for a two-night pass. Tickets are on sale now, you can purchase them at the Glasshouse box office or online here:

Night 1, Friday, April 8
War of Ages
A Plea For Purging
Onward to Olympas
My Epic
Your Memorial
Hope for they Dying

Night 2, Saturday, April 9
For Today
In the Midst of Lions
Call To Preserve
A Hope for Home
Take It Back!
As Hell Retreats
Saving Grace
The Burial
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Emery's Matt Carter and Toby Morrell have started a new side project named The Water and The Well. They blend electronic elements with acoustic and pop/rock and sing some pretty worshipful songs. You can check out three new songs from them here and can also check them out on Facebook as well.
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Artist: I Am Empire
Album: Kings
Release Date: 1/25/11
Label: Tooth & Nail Records

As of late, Tooth & Nail Records have signed a slew of new artists to their ever-growing roster. One of those bands would be the California-based rock band I Am Empire. A few years ago is when I actually discovered I Am Empire, when they released their independent, self-titled debut, which was chocked full of high energy songs, with a good mix of slower songs as well. Now, they are back in 2011 with the release of Kings. The album feels like a natural progression for the band, taking their energy up a notch, and not focusing on slower songs as much. There are also great guitar solos spread throughout the album that show the great musicianship that I Am Empire wields in their musical arsenal.

The opening "Brain Damage" has an interesting song structure, with more gritty and heavier verses, before switching into a pop/rock styled chorus. The energy from the song flows well into the anger-laced "Heart Attack," and the following "Saints & Sinners." Things are slowed down a bit with "Hammers & Anvils," with shades of House of Heroes found in the harmonies of the song, accompanying some of the album's best lyrics, while "Love & Despair" brings to mind a Classic Crime-like sound.

Things immediately kick back into gear with "To The Moon," one of the tracks featuring the aforementioned guitar solos that add a nice touch to each song that they grace. Both "The Elevator" and "You're A Fake" were taken from the band's debut album, and appear in Kings in a bit more produced form then the originals, as expected. The energy level then drops again for the ballad "Take Me Away," but only picking up for two more songs, one of which is "You're A Fake," and the other being "Foxhole," the album's most aggressive song. Great drumming, a pulsating bass groove and front man Austin Lyons' vocals yelled at times, and nearly screamed, show off the song's ferocity. The closer, "It's Not Fair," tends to feel a bit out of place, but is one of Kings' unique points, being another slower song with a small bluesy, folk feel to it, especially in the song's solo. Lyon's vocal range is also shown off in the song, reaching a crescendo.

Overall: Swaying vocals and harmonies, sweeping guitar solos and a good balance of edgy verses and melodic choruses encompass I Am Empire's Tooth & Nail debut album, Kings. As "The Elevator" says, "This is our time, without a doubt I know," I'm sure without a doubt that I Am Empire are headed on the right track.

Rating: 8/10

  1. Brain Damage
  2. Heart Attack
  3. Saints & Sinners
  4. Hammers & Anvils
  5. Love & Despair
  6. To The Moon
  7. The Elevator
  8. Dig You Out
  9. Take Me Away
  10. You're A Fake
  11. Foxhole
  12. It's Not Fair
(Buy Here)

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(January 19th, 2011. Goshen, Arkansas) Everyone’s favorite poet turned folk singer/songwriter Bradley Hathaway has released a rarity track entitled “A STORM COMING” left off his summer EP A Thousand Angry Panthers. The song contains Hathaway’s usual charm and twang with just a touch of the intensity we saw on Panthers, although it is clear why it did not fit in the dark gloomy mood of the EP. Hathaway explains the heart behind the track here.
“Lyrically the song is about two friends that have reached a place in their lives where they can no longer be friends or be in one another’s lives. Something has happened to them and the only way for them to carry on is by being apart.  This grieves the friend that I've given voice to and it's clear the love he has for his friend, but he has to let him go. This one is a bit unique from my usual art.”
A concept that all of us have dealt with in life at one time or another, Hathaway continues to produce words and melodies that tug at the heart strings. Though the songwriter claims that this isn’t necessarily a direction he sees to be more abundant in the future, he makes no promises. “It's just a song that stands on its own.  I've not written another song like it since.” One thing that we can all appreciate about Bradley Hathaway is that he always keeps us guessing.

You can stream “A STORM COMING” on and purchase it on iTunes and most of the other digital providers including
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The Absolute

Artist: Ace Augustine
Album: The Absolute
Release Date: 1/18/11
Label: Strike First Records

Have you ever had a good feeling about something, but ignored it? Well, that very thing happened to me last summer at Lewisberry, Pennsylvania's annual Purple Door music festival, where a small, local band named Ace Augustine were one of the opening acts for the second day of the festival. I knew that I should muster up enough energy to go see them, but could not resist the urge to watch a small indie band and relax to start off my morning right. Little did I know that only a few months later the band I missed would sign to Strike First Records.

Now, only a few months after joining the Strike First family, Ace Augustine are giving us their debut offering, The Absolute. On first listen, I was not completely sure what to think. The songs didn't seem to be all that unique from other metalcore bands out there today, not bringing anything really groundbreaking, musically, to the table. However, after further listen, the album really started to grow on me.

One of the first things that should be said about the album and Ace Augustine would be frontman Ben Moser's vocals. He has an interesting scream, mostly a his higher screeches, that sound familiar to Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada, but he also reaches into some deeper growls as well. The important thing to note though is that despite that, they are no copy of TDWP, by far. Another notable thing on The Absolute would be the clean vocals. They are nicely spread out and come into play at the most unexpected times.

The instrumentation found on The Absolute is interesting, at times sounding exactly like what you would expect on a typical album of the genre, with chugging, yet technical, riffs and great double-bass drumming, but at other times, hints of riffs leaning towards more grunge-like rock break through, before crushing breakdowns take place that are sure to get people moving.

On a song like the opener, "Justifiers," the more standard metalcore sound can be heard, contrasted with bits of ambience that are found on the following "2013 Looks Promising." A nice set of gang vocals and catchy clean vocals precede a heavy breakdown, with the words "For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" spoken mid-way through the heavy assault, on "Jonah Spoke of Innocence." A few other high points on The Absolute are found in "Delorean," "Axioms" and the album's title track, the latter of the bunch proclaiming "The Absolute is coming down" for the album's closing moments.

Overall: Ace Augustine have gotten off to a good start with their debut record, The Absolute.  Their faith boldly shows throughout the lyrics, and goes along well with the technical instrumentation, from the breakdowns to the chanting gang vocals. Although the album is not groundbreaking and not metalcore at its finest, it is metalcore done right, and I find the offering proves to be an enjoyable listen.

Rating: 7/10

  1. Justifiers
  2. 2013 Looks Promising
  3. Jonah Spoke of Innocence
  4. Negotiations
  5. Senior Year at Sky City
  6. Delorean
  7. Axioms
  8. The Debt That All Men Pay
  9. The Merchant Tales
  10. The Absolute
(Buy Here)

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Abandon Kansas will be releasing their Gotee Records debut full length album Ad Astra Per Aspera on March 8th. They have already released the song "The Golden State" to iTunes and AmazonMP3, and another new single from the album, "Heaven Come My Way," is streaming on the band's Facebook page.
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On March 1st, indie rockers Eisley will be releasing their long awaited new full length album, titled The Valley. It will be released through Equal Vision Records. In the mean time, you can listen to and download two free songs from the album here.
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You may recognize Dan Smith from hip-hop group Deepspace5 or from "David De La Hoz" on The Chariot's latest album, Long Live, but what you might not know about Dan is that him and Christin Nelson make up indie band Listener. They play some great music, heralded as Talk Music, a genre that they strive for and have introduced. Made up of indie rock-type instrumentation backing up spoken word poems, the two genres mix well together, for a very unique musical outcome. You can check them out right here.
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Artist: Jake Germany
Album: Leftover
Release Date: 1/11/11
Label: Independent

Music that is heartfelt and filled with passion seems to be getting harder and harder to find these days. However, with artists such as acoustic singer-songwriter Jake Germany, it is evident that there are still good artists out there who can not only write a good song, but can perform it with high style. While you may not be familiar with Germany, you may recognize him from touring with bands such a Poema, of whom he plays bass for. This time though, it is only him and mainly an acoustic guitar, singing both mellow and catchy songs. They are laid back and soothing on the ears, and speak of love and hope.

"Welcome" serves its duty as the intro track, with a softly strummed guitar pulsating throughout, before flowing right into the love song, "The Rest Is History." "Secrets" has a folksy vibe to it, mainly a slow song, with some female vocals thrown in as well, before exploding into a colorful ending of electric guitars and crashing drums. The catchy "You Were Never Right" has a very accessible chorus that begs to be sung along with, where the following "Prodigal Father" is more of a reflective tune that deals with a father going through a divorce.

Overall: Jake Germany has given us some quality music on Leftover. The five songs on the album go together cohesively, and show the talented musicianship that Germany wields. Although a bit short, the songs on Leftover have heart behind them, and are worth giving a listen to.

Rating: 8/10

  1. Welcome
  2. The Rest Is History
  3. Secrets
  4. You Were Never Right
  5. Prodigal Father
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If you haven't already, I highly recommend checking out Phinehas. They have posted three new songs off of their upcoming full length album, TheGodMachine, which will be released soon. We also reviewed their debut EP last year right here.
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Tuscaloosa, Alabama's Gideon are a no holds barred, in-your-face hardcore band with an already impressive repertoire.  Well-placed gang vocals and a powerful front man set Gideon apart from many of their peers, while the band as a whole, whose members have been playing together only since 2008, come off sounding like seasoned pros.  Their Facedown debut Costs (engineered by Brian Hood) will be released on March 1, 2011 and will be supported by non stop touring including Facedown Fest in Pomona, CA (April) and Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL (July).  See a list of current tour dates below.

Gideon have just released a song from their upcoming album on Facebook.  You can hear False Profits here:

Costs will be available for pre order on January 19th at

Tour Dates
Jan 8 - Bessemer, Alabama @ Regenerate Venue
Jan 9 - Iuka, Mississippi @ VFW
Jan 10 - Nowata, Oklahoma @ Boys and Girl's Club
Jan 11 - Salina, Kansas @ Indian Rock Lounge
Jan 12 - Colorado Springs, Colorado @ TBA
Jan 13 - Cheyenne, Wyoming @ TBA
Jan 14 - Salt Lake City, Utah @ The Underground
Jan 15 - Garden City, Idaho @ Brawl Studio
Jan 16 - Camas, Washington @ Coffee Revolution
Jan 17 - Seattle, Washington @ El Corazon
Jan 18 - Salem, Oregon @ The Wasteland
Jan 20 - Myrtle Creek, Oregon @ Tri City Veterans Hall
Jan 21 - Las Vegas, Nevada @ The Sanctuary
Jan 22 - Pheonix, Arizona @ Warehouse 201
Jan 24 - Tucson, Arizona @ Jacob's YMCA- w/Counterparts
Jan 25 - El Paso, Texas @ 2nd floor gallery- w/Counterparts
Jan 26 - Midland, Texas @ Pinebox- w/Counterparts
Jan 27 - Shreveport, Louisiana @ Media Star Entertainment Lounge- w/Counterparts
Jan 28 - Decatur, Alabama @ Planet Avalon- w/Counterparts
Jan 29 - Corbin, Kentucky @ TBA- w/Counterparts
Jan 30 - Whitesburg, Kentucky @ Letcher County Tourism- w/Counterparts
Jan 31 - Lynchburg, Virginia @ TBA- - w/Counterparts
Feb 1 - Lithicum, Maryland @ Saint Christophers- w/Counterparts
Feb 2 - Lancaster, Pennsylvania @ TBA w/ The Gun Show, Ace Augustine
Feb 4 - Lynchburg, Virginia @ Crosspoint Venue w/The Gun Show, Ace Augustine
Feb 5 - Charlotte, North Carolina @ Tremont Music Hall w/ The Gun Show, Ace Augustine
Feb 6 - Greenville, South Carolina @ Suite 8 w/The Gun Show
Feb 7 - Barbourville, Kentucky @ Black Kadillac w/The Gun Show