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It's been about three years since we've gotten an album from Anchor & Braille, the indie side project of Anberlin's Stephen Christian, but this week, on July 31st, the band's sophomore album will be released. The Quiet Life is a collection of haunting melodies and catchy percussion, certainly a maturation of sound since 2009's Felt. The Quiet Life is available now in stores and online through Tooth & Nail Records.


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Tooth & Nail Records rock band I Am Empire just released their new album Kings and took some time to answer some questions about the new album.

Christian Rock Rocks (Brooks Ginnan): May I ask who I have the pleasure of speaking with and what you do in I Am Empire?
Eric Martin (I Am Empire): My name is Eric Martin and I play drums.

CRR: Your Tooth & Nail Records debut album Kings is out this week. How did the whole recording process go for that album?
Eric: We wrote about 15 songs. We went out to Nashville and recorded with Rob Hawkins (Fireflight, Disciple, Write This Down). We spent about three and a half weeks in and out of a studio and a "quality inn". It was a very fun experience. Rob Hawkins is the man.

CRR: What were some of the inspirations behind the lyrics of the album, and its title?
Eric: It all circles around the general theme of finding joy in the hardest of times. More specifically it is a record about abandonment; how Austin has dealt with it and deals with it. He hopes that by telling his story, others will know there is a place for them and that they are not alone.

CRR: I heard that the song "Dig You Out" was co-written with Anberlin. How did that come about?
Eric: Joey sent us three instrumental tracks. We chose one, and made it into an I Am Empire song. Austin wrote the lyrics, and the rest of the band worked out the arrangement changes.

CRR: Two songs from your indie debut album ("The Elevator" and "You're A Fake") made it to Kings. Why were those two in particular carried over to the new record?
Eric: We felt that those two songs didn't necessarily have their "chances" yet. Our indie release was really only sold at our shows, so we figured most people would be hearing it for the first time.

CRR: How did the band get started?
Eric: We came together in August 2008. Austin and Andrew had been in the band for about four years under a different name, then Josh joined in 2007, and Dan and I joined in 2008. We put out our first full length, then we hit the road.

CRR: If you had to self-describe your sound, how would you describe it?
Eric: Loud music with harmonies and guitar solos.

CRR: Musically speaking, what bands are you either inspired or influenced by?
Eric: Queen, Muse, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, Van Halen.

CRR: What has God been showing you as a band lately?
Eric: He has been teaching us to be patient and to work hard.

CRR: What touring plans do you have over the next few months?
Eric: In February, we will be touring with Children 18:3 and Hyland. In March, we will be touring with Silverline.

CRR: Any last things you'd like to mention?
Eric: Buy our new record and come see us on tour!

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