Friday, January 15, 2010

New Album Releases and Updates

Acoustic-pop duet Poema made up of sisters Elle and Shealeen will be releasing their debut album (or EP) on March 23rd, 2010 on Tooth & Nail. There will be a review up of their demo EP from last year as well coming soon.

Queens Club will be releasing their debut full-length album as well on March 23rd on T&N. I wasn't the biggest fan of their "Nightmarer" EP last year, but I have to admit, it was an entertaining listen. I'm excited to see what will come of this album.

Me in Motion will be releasing their new debut album in stores on March 23rd on Centricity. I saw them live back in October and it was a great show! There will be a review of this album very soon as well. I will also be putting my long awaited concert review from them as well up at Rock the Cross soon.

Pop/rock band Luminate will be releasing their new self-titled EP on Sparrow on March 23rd. They have a new fresh take on worship. For the meantime you can go check out their new single "Shine (Love Is An Action)" on iTunes right now.

The yearly rock compilation, X2010 will be releasing on April 6th, stay tuned for the tracklisting.

Possibly my biggest anticipated album of 2010, The Classic Crime will be releasing their new album titled "Vagabonds" on April 6th. Who's excited? Thoughts?

Pushed back yet again, Secret & Whisper will finally be releasing their sophomore album "Teenage Fantasy" on April 6th. These guys have a Saosin-like sound to them and are great!

Tooth & Nail will be releasing yet another anthology, this time for Emery. It is titled "Are You Listening?" ("Walls" anyone?) and will be releasing April 6th. It will feature "The Weak's End", "The Question" and "I'm Only A Man".

Unfortunately, The Letter Black's new debut full-length album was pushed back to a release date of March 30th.

So looks like March and April will be big release months! Get excited!

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